SIII Reparatiehandboek|1980

Aktualisiert: Raparaturhandbuch der Serie III, 2. Holländische Ausgabe hier im Mantel der Koninkliche Landmacht für das Vrachtauto, algemene dienst, 0,5/0,75 ton, 4×4 en
Ziekenauto, 0,75 ton, 4×4, Land Rover Basisonderhoud. Also allgmein für alle Serie Land Rover ohne Sonderaufbauten
Armee Publikation Technische Handleiding 4/5 TH 9-3550/3570/3580
Land Rover Publikation AKM 4506
2. Ausgabe 1980

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on “SIII Reparatiehandboek|1980
5 Comments on “SIII Reparatiehandboek|1980
    „akm4506 23.85 MB
    Kein öffentlicher Download“

    Why ??

    greetings Peter Tonissen

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    • Hi Peter.
      I am terribly sorry, that your needs where not automatically matched by my service possibilities. There was a change in the downloads after some dudes agressively tried to hack the site and burnt my time like it was a worthless give-away. One affected module, in particular, was the code of the download section (which was by the way completely unneccessary, because every download is for free). Well, it takes time to migrate all of the thousands of free land rover downloads. What you saw is a dysfunctional reminiscence of the old all4free system. Unfortunately there is no other option, than to to it by hand. And exactly this is the part of the problem now affecting the instantanious satisfaction of your precious whish. See, this site is completely privately and advertising free driven, a hobby. It is primarily my personal library and therefore it has to suit my needs in first place. But what helps me, could help other enthusiast, therefore I opened it towards the public, negociated with Land Rover officials and spent a good part of my lifetime to maintain it. But I am still a human and not a corporation and my life consist of more than sitting behind the dashboard of this particular site.
      So without intending to be offensive in any ways if you find a better place with better service, feel free to go there. If you want me to have this download repaired now the key is a phrase, like humans would use it to encounter a conversation with someone they don´t know, who could be of some use to them. And no, I don´t consider WHY?? to be even far from close to a sentence construction that I have in mind. A sentence which ideally contains the magic word „please“ and I am happy to fix it asap. If you feel better served by a corporate with some sort of corporate service mentality, used to react on oneword sentences because they are paid and customer is king, again: go there. And after you decided to build that phrase and got what you where in need for I apreciate a „thank you“, which happens to be another (forgive me, ia am pretty oldschool about that) essential step of human to human communication. A step i find far too often missed sitting behind the maintenance of this site.

      So best in mind

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    • fixed.

      Rating: 5.0/5. Von 1 Abstimmung.
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  2. Dear Guido,

    I am really sorry that my question; „why“ it is („was“ !! thank you !!!) not a download had give you a bad feeling. It was just a question out of curiosity because all other books where downloadble. So I thought it has to be perhaps something about copyright or something. So …… again …really sorry about this miss understanding.

    I really appreciate how much work you’ve put into this website. So thank you again.

    Peter Tonissen

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    • You are welcome. Sorry for my slightly harsh answer. If there is anything, simply ask.

      Best, Guido

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